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Not For Sale

Not For Sale

As entrepreneurs so much of our lives are
centered around making money and
building our business.

However I think it’s important that we remember there’s so many things
that are infinitely more valuable than money.

Family and faith are not worth losing during on the entrepreneurial journey we are all on.

It’s so easy to get consumed in the successes and failures in business that
you can forget to be grateful for what you do have.

So what I’m recommending and why I’m taking the time to write this is
to help you achieve some sort of balance.

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Looking For A Copywriter?


Things To Consider Before Hiring A Copy Writer

During the year 2015 we for the first time began to outsource our copywriter.  It was something we just didn’t do in the past much of because we have an in-house team for all of our marketing.  I will tell you that we “Landed The Plane” and settled on our go to copywriter for our software products, email swipes and more.

When looking for the right copywriter we noticed a few things that were needed that I want to share with you.

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Affiliate Marketing New Product

Ok, Just A Sneak Peak Though

Whats-Next Final

Here’s a little something we figured out early in the game, that not many people will tell you as a newbie.

There Are 2 Ways To Make Money

FIRST – Sell done for you products, by far the easiest and fastest way to make money online.

SECOND – Create and sell your own products, by far the hardest way to make money online.

You don’t have to sacrifice all your time and money to create software or digital products. When you’re just getting started, selling DFY (Done for You) products is the sure path to making sales early and often.

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Who’s Voice Are You Using?


(webinar replay)

No one has ever asked me about it so I voluntary tell you that I was a monotone, low energy boring speaker until I got help!

I took a course that was expensive, and only 20 people were aloud to attend per class in order to learn how to properly speak in public.

It’s now years later and I’ve spoken at college graduation ceremonies, on stage in many courtiers around the world, more than 2,000 webinars as a result of great coaching.

I now want to introduce to you the man, the myth and the legend who was the voice coach of celebrities like . . .

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Michael Ervin, Charlton Heston, Emit Smith, Kurt Warner and more!

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1 Down & 11 To Go, Are You Ready?







Here’s Some Of Things We Do To Get Results In Spite Of Busy Schedules

After careful review of a lot of feedback and email messages from our subscribers, coaching clients and affiliates we decided to lay out a hot list of things that we do to collapse time frames.

Surely there are days when the phone rings frequently, the door bell, email messages are backing up, and you have task that are not getting done fast enough right?

If this is true, then you too are human and have no need to feel like your world is falling apart.   In fact if you think you’re busy now, wait until you have a few successful sales, products, and growing a list.   Once that happens you’ll realize the biblical principle that many don’t talk about “To whom much is given, much is requiredLuke 12:35 

No doubt the more money you make, the more you own, the bigger the family, etc., the more responsibility.  Since this is true, you need like the rest of us systems that can work while your sleeping.  While your being a parent, a spouse and entrepreneur.

Tonight along with the Genius Marketing Team will be doing a webinar to demonstrate the power of using systems, tools and things that you already have at your finger tips to get more our of your work, out of your day, and out of life.

7:00 PM EST Monday February 1.  If you’re reading this post after the webinar has ended no worries, because you can click the same link and you can actually watch the recording and enjoy getting this information.

Register Now, or Watch The Webinar if it has already happened!

See below some cool things you can do to get more out of your efforts so that this year can be  your best yet.

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Growth Opportunities

Let’s Make It Personal?

Game Plan

As we continue to change and improve our business model to expand in  2016 I think it’s important that we don’t leave anyone behind.

If you haven’t watched the video above yet please do so now…

… After watching this video you understand that we are doing something that’s new for us and will be really beneficial to you.

We want to talk with you, get to know you better, hear more about your business, and advise you on how to expand your business in the coming months.

We’ve done business in so many arenas and we’ve seen clients more than 5x their business in just weeks after coaching sessions with us.

Obviously this doesn’t happen for everyone but what does happen is it opens you up to hear honest feedback and actionable steps that you can take to impact your results exponentially.

Our audience has expanded by the thousands in the last year so this is a way we can connect better with you and give more value while not having to charge thousands of dollars for coaching.

As you heard in the video, we can only accept 20 students to be a part of our 4 Week Group Coaching Sessions.

The 20 students will be broken up into two groups of 10 in order to make this as personal as possible and to spend the most amount of time possible with each of you.

We will meet in a Google Hangout once per week for 4 weeks where we will openly discuss our business model and yours.

After each session you will be given “homework assignments” and submit your progress via email for us to review throughout the week.

If you are accepted into the program, it’s important that you come in ready to work and speak openly about your business no matter how successful or unsuccessful you have been.

Please read the application carefully and follow the instructions.

The biggest factors in being selected is being coachable and your ability to follow instructions so take your time to read the application before filling it out and submitting it.

Click Here To Download The Application

Best Wishes,

– Dwayne and Dwayne

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Private Sessions In West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach 2 Days Up Close And Personal

Join us LIVE in West Palm Beach Florida Nov 11 & 12

We decided to share with you our marketing strategies to give you a strong finish to your 2015 success, and give you a huge kick off for 2016!

We’ve been blessed to over the last 10 years to have built something special in different internet marketing niches.

What you can expect to learn at this event?

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Affiliate Marketing

Some Things Never Change


Things are changing so fast in every industry and yet truth remains truth.  Everyone is teaching and showing there way is the only way to create wealth using the internet.

The truth is that just as a combination lock has more than one combination, so does internet marketing success.

Yes I know it’s not popular, but one can have success on amazon, affiliate marketing, direct selling, eBay, network marketing, CPA marketing and more without the limited thinking that these are the only ways.

Although things are changing every single month in new tools, concepts, companies a few things remain the same that can be all the difference no matter which venue you’re using to grow your income using the internet.

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